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holidays pack 2 cups & Dripper

Thanks to this ceramic V60 filter pack created in collaboration with Moebius céramique in Lausanne, no more bitter, heavy and thick coffees. Thanks to this gentle method, you will enjoy subtle and delicate aromas. For production time reasons, this article will be delivered in early December.


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Handmade Ceramics

a packet of coffee 500g

2 cups

a dripper

holidays pack 2 cups & Dripper


About Moebius ceramics: In March of 2020, I fell into this infinite adventure that is ceramics. While I was lost in the circuitry of my computer, my hands decided to shape the clay. In April, I took classes to learn how to turn, and master water, earth, air and fire. In May I bought a potter's wheel and in September a kiln. But am I really at the beginning of this journey? It's hard to say, because everything I've loved to do since childhood seems to have led me there. Drawing, learning to master my hands, the technical mind, constructions, screws, creation. I studied industrial design and I find myself using my hands to create unique and imperfect objects. Moebius is this new path that I am walking, without beginning, without end. And now I am happy to share it with you, hoping that my objects will find the perfect place in your home. So that this endless journey is not in vain.