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Professional barista training

Master the art of extracting a perfect espresso on your professional machine at work. This course is ideal for those who would like to develop their barista skills and get started. Ideal for people who are curious about going deeper into the coffee world and who already have a little experience. For those who are complete beginners, we can tailor a class just for you, get in touch.

  • In depth introduction to help you understand the origins of coffee, the art of specialty coffee and why it’s important to understand what we drink today.
  • Overview of the process of roasting the goodlife way, from the green coffee we import with Belco to the dark and lovely roasted bean in your cup.
  • We will cover the roasting process from storage to conservation, coffee supply chain and quality & taste management.
  • Learn (or relearn) how to extract the perfect dose of caffeine from your espresso machine, the base of all barista grade drinks! (tailored to your needs and previous knowledge)
  • In depth understanding of the technical aspects of extraction methods (volumetrics, gravimetry)
  • Develop your perfect milk foam making skills and learn how to pour a classic barista menu, to get working as a barista by next monday.

We will of course make time for your questions and anything you want to work on more in depth again at the end of the course.

2 days
700.- / person
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