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Training for home : Special brew

A tailored slow coffee workshop for those who would like to train on their home equipment or our own gear in our spacious atelier and barista academy in our Roastery in Savigny.

  • - Brief introduction to help you understand the origins of coffee and what we drink today.
  • - Overview of the process of roasting, from green coffee to roasted bean in your cup.
  • - We will cover home use of your slow brew coffee maker.
  • 1. Presentation and in depth coverage of various methods(tailored to your needs and previous knowledge)
  • 2. Develop your tasting palette by flavour and aroma recognition training with our roaster.

We will of course make time for your questions and anything you want to work on again.

4 hours
180.- for 1 or 2 persons, 360.- for a group of 3 or 4
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